The old name of the Hotel Continental Drobeta was “Park Hotel”. The History of Park Hotel in Drobeta runs parallel to Romania’s hydro power plant the Iron Gates, the largest hydroelectric power plant on the Danube River, located about 15 km upstream.

For such a colossus was needed qualified labor force. That is the area came workers from all over the country, which were in need of accommodation. Thus, in the summer of 1967 began the construction of a true architectural gem for those times, the Park Hotel – name that will remain until 1997, when it was taken over by the hotel chain Continental and became “Continental Drobeta”.

The construction of the original hotel was completed sometime around 1969.

The hotel was built on several levels, imposing a full and authentic personality, being located on one of the terraces Drobeta Turnu Severin, among the largest and beautiful city park, the Park of Roses.

After a long process of modernization, the Continental Drobeta Turnu Serverin offers suitable facilities and amenities for the modern traveler. Constantly we reinvent ourselves, but maintain the quality of service and warm ambience that guests have become accustomed over time.

The Hotel Continental Drobeta Turnu Serverin, located on the Carol Boulevard , on the left side of the Danube and is at short distance from the main sights of the city. It offers a unique panoramic view of the Danube rich in colors and landscapes.